Jan 242014
Review: The Guilty Plea

Taking place a couple months after the first book, this story features many of the same characters, with some former secondary characters taking centre stage. Homicide Detective Ari Greene and Officer Daniel Kennicott are back on the case with a different Crown Attorney and defense lawyer squaring off in this murder investigation. This story is quite similar in layout, direction and feel as the first book. Whilte it featured a different murder, motive and lawyers, the investigation itself seemed to follow the same pattern and feel as the first one. The Toronto setting was as much a star in this […]

Jan 222014
Review: Old City Hall

This is a quick paced crime story that is part police procedural, part courtroom drama. With narration from the lead detective, the first officer on scene, the Crown attorney and the defense lawyer, this is a full view of a complex and mysterious murder investigation. Each of the characters is well developed and distinct, right down to the secondary characters that only appear occasionally. Only a few of the lawyers are a bit one-dimensional; the majority of the characters are believable, even if they sometimes seem unnecessary. One of the highlights of the book was the intense focus on the […]