Jun 042014
Review: Anna Dressed in Blood

When I started this book, I was surprised and delighted to learn it had a teenaged male narrator. Yet again, I forgot what the summary said since it clearly indicates the main character is male. The cover is misleading. It pictures Anna, not the narrator, like most book covers. I found Cas to be likable and believable. He’s a very sweet boy who grows from a loner ghosthunter to a very friendly ghosthunter with a close circle of friends. His growth was natural and felt very rewarding. The story is part horror and part humour. I found the humour to […]

Jul 242013
Review: Replica

This was a fast moving story that sucks you in. It’s centered more on Nadia than Nate, but they both play prominent roles, with the view point switching between the two. I found that the story was as much about the characters growing and evolving as it was about solving the mystery of who killed Nate. Nate’s death didn’t seem like a huge deal, probably because he was replaced immediately, and there really wasn’t a difference between the original and the replica. Both Nate and Nadia do a lot of growing up in the book. It was admiral to watch […]

Jul 232013
Interview: Jenna Black + Giveaway

What are your thoughts on ebooks? (i.e. love them, hate them, wave of the future) I have very mixed feelings about ebooks. There are times when I love them. I love not having to guess how many books to bring with me when I’m traveling–I can take my Kindle with me and have access to as many books as I need. I love the instant gratification of being able to download a book immediately after it catches my attention. (It’s especially nice with series, when I get to the end of a book and am absolutely dying to find out […]

Mar 252013
Review: Pirate Cinema

This was an issue book that took on copyright laws and homelessness, yet still managed to be an entertaining story. Set in London, the British slang and vocals were easy to follow, yet demanded to be read in an accent. This lent a slightly different feel to the story, although I couldn’t quite tell if it felt more or less formal than most American-based novels. It definitely felt different. The copyright fight is a very current cause of concern with internet usage being so prevalent. It isn’t difficult to imagine copyright laws escalating to match the scenarios in the story […]

Mar 252013
Martin Reviews: Homeland

If you don’t know who Cory Doctorow is by now, you probably are not an EFF-supporting, darknet-implementing, singularity-pushing, Creative Commons-loving, hackerspace-using, library-revering, left-leaning geek. And that is fine. But if Doctorow could have his way, he would welcome you into the club with open arms. In fact, that is what his latest YA book, Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother(2007), is all about. It is a call to youth to take charge of their electronic lives (and their lives in general) and to fight for an open and transparent government and a society that defends human rights. Although this book […]