Jan 232014
Interview: Carlyle Clark + Giveaway

Today I have an interview with Carlyle Clark, author of The Black Song Inside. Be sure to check out the tour-wide giveaway after the interview. What’s the hardest part of writing a book? The hardest part of writing is actually just sitting down and focusing on writing. There are so many fun distractions like sports and everything the Internet brings. For instance, research is so easy and often so fascinating that I’ve burned hours just following that endless stream of hyperlinks well beyond the point where it’s likely to be useful. And then there’s that devilish DVR. It chock full […]

Aug 302013
Review: Grave of Angels

This was a hard, harsh mystery thriller. While it may have featured a female protagonist, it was anything but soft or emotional. This story was all about the action. I didn’t really like the characters, with the exception of Di Milo and Grange, two of Kate’s employees. They were the only characters with depth, and so felt the most real and deserving of emotion. Kate is not a good girl heroine in any way. She has a dark past and isn’t afraid to use threats or force to get what she wants. I found her very hard to like, and […]

Jun 142013
Review: The Diabolist

This was an action packed story that provides an insight glimpse into the world of religious cults. I was surprised at how much I learned about the way cults work and enthrall people, without feeling religious. While religion plays an important part, there is no preaching about faith, only a view from side at how the system works, and what fanatism can result in. The two main characters, Viktor and Grey, are almost anti-heroes. They both have strong faults which they are constantly battling with. It creates a unique feel as there is a lot of uncertainty about whether they […]