May 052015
Guest post from Debby Grahl: Do You Believe in Ghosts? + Giveaway

Out of the corner of your eye have you ever caught a glimpse of something, and then when you turn it’s gone? Have you heard creaks and bangs that can’t be explained? Has the temperature around you suddenly become chilled? Do you believe in ghosts? I do! Since ghosts play a significant part in my new book, The Silver Crescent, I thought I would share some of my ghostly encounters with you. Ghost and witches have to be the most fun and versatile creatures to write about. Your ghost can be solid or transparent, look perfectly normal or hideous, be […]

Mar 242015
Review: Shadows Have Gone

This third book in the series picked up immediately after the second book ended. It jumped right into the action, but there were enough recaps spread out over the first few chapters to help me remember everything important from the previous books. This story surprised me with how dark it was. There was quite a bit of death in this book, including some characters that I felt I knew and liked. It was powerful, and really highlight how uncertain and unsafe a post catastrophe world would be. One thing that I really enjoyed in this book was the sense of […]

Aug 252014
Review: The Land of the Shadow

As a second book, this story was quite exciting and took the series into a great direction. While the first book focused on the immediate aftermath of the disaster, this book is all about starting to rebuild and learning how to live in a new world. Like my comparison in the first book, this book reminded me of Sunrise (Ashfall #3) by Mike Mullin, but with an adult setting. I really appreciated how realistic the story felt in terms of the actions the characters took. It was interesting to see how people respond to living in a technology-free world, and […]

Aug 212014
Guest post: Lissa Bryan + Giveaway

The end of the world changes a person. Carly and Justin have been through a lot in the End of All Things series, and both of them have had to grow and adapt in ways they never would have expected. When we met Carly in the first book, she was an ordinary young woman who’d just been through an extraordinary ordeal, literally witnessing the destruction of the world she had known and the death of everyone she loved. She was in a deep state of shock and denial when Justin found her, but Justin can see she has fire and […]

Aug 182014
Review: The End of All Things

This is an exciting and adventure filled apocalypse and survivor story. At first I was very unsure of Carly’s character. She seemed very OCD, and her thought processes almost seemed to show a mental handicap. I don’t think her character actually had any issues, as things seemed to progressively improve throughout the book. I supposed to could have been shock due to the disaster that happened, but without a peek at her before character, it was hard to judge. As such, I found it took a long time before I was able to connect with her, but I got there […]

Feb 202014
Interview: Lissa Bryan + Giveaway

What inspired you to become a writer? I’ve always written stories in my head. Sometimes, they were original stories, and other times, I took books and movies and wrote a new ending for them, or sent the characters off on new adventures. I had no idea anyone else did that until I discovered fanfiction. I gathered up my courage and decided to try my hand at a few stories of my own. One of them became popular and it brought me to the attention of my publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop. They asked me if I would be interested in […]

Feb 192014
Review: Under These Restless Skies

This is a fairly classic retelling of King Henry and Anne Boleyn from just before their marriage, to just after her death, told from the viewpoint of Will Somers, the king’s fool. There is one key difference: the fact that Will’s wife is a selkie. While the addition of a selkie was unique, I didn’t find that it added a lot to the story. Yes, it made Emma naive and innocent, without any knowledge of politics and the evil facets of humanity, but other than that, there wasn’t much there. Emma willingly gave herself to Will, and there was never […]

Sep 182013
Hidden Threat

That romance itch I had a while ago, it wasn’t satisfied with just one book. So I turned to another romance sitting on my ereader. This time, I grabbed a story that was a little more intense, with a lot more passion. It wasn’t quite clean, but it wasn’t explicit either, think soft-core sex scene. This story had a lot of tension between Cali and Matthew. They had an instant lust connection, but their actual interactions and relationship had a very slow build. It was a more realistic portayal of a relationship than you find in most romance books. I […]