Apr 082014
Review: Sunrise

Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this trilogy finale since the series first started. I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but my worries were for naught. This finale fit perfectly. The story was mainly focused on living and building a future after everything that’s happened. I like both the approach, and the way things played out. Well, not the way everything played out, there were a few surprise disasters that left me reeling and wanting to yell “how could that happen!” Of course, in the effort to be spoiler-free, I won’t tell you what happened, […]

Oct 012012
Review: Ashen Winter

This was an exciting, fast paced story that was quite a bit darker than the first book. Life is different than in the first book, but is seems neither easier nor harder, just full of different challenges. I enjoyed Alex even better in this book. His honor really stood out. His commitment to Darya was commendable. Even when faced with the temptation of easy sex, he stood firm to Darya. That sets a great example for readers, especially since the setting was one in which Darya would never know if it happened or not. While I enjoyed Alex, I did […]