Sep 252015
Review: Crash

I’m so conflicted. There were elements that I both really loved, and really disliked about this book. I love Jules’ family. The focus of the book wasn’t on them, but that was one of the beautiful things. Jules and her siblings are super tight, with great relationships with each other. Her twin brother is gay, and is open about it. I love that this is just part of the background of the story. This happens so rarely in books, so it is definitely something to celebrate. Also worth celebrating is the inclusion on mental health issues in the form of […]

May 292015
Review: Two for the Dough

I am quite saddened that I didn’t love this like I did the first book in the series. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I listened to the audiobook version, as I just couldn’t get into the narration. It’s rare that I don’t enjoy the audiobook version of a book, but this is definitely one of those times. The narration had such an over the top accent, with an attitude that I didn’t associate with Stephanie, that it really threw me off. I found the actual story amusing, but I just couldn’t connect […]

May 272013
Review: The Red Queen

It’s been a while since I read historical fiction, so I picked this audiobook book up on a whim, not realizing it was the second in the series. I was pleasantly surprised. The story stands alone, and is quite intriguing. Margaret is a cold, bitter, jealous woman. She is quite delusional, believing that God speaks to her and that her every desire is the will of God. She is selfish and doesn’t see it at all. She’s not an easy woman to like, but her belief in herself does lead to quite a bit of drama. While I enjoyed the […]

Apr 242013
Review: The Map of Time

This book started out very slowly, and unfortunately, it never captured my attention enough for me to make it past Andrew’s story. I made it most of the way through his part, but there wasn’t anything happening. It was just his obsession with a low prostitute, without much plot. The narration was slow and jerky. It took some getting used to, and even then, I found my attention wandering away. The narration was not very exciting. At one point, knowing that most reviews rave about the book, I took out my disc and verified that I did have the right […]