Mar 192014
Review: Flawed Perfection

I don’t read much new adult, contemporary, or romance books, so I approached this story without many expectations. What I got was an incredible story that felt me unable to move on. As I write this review, it’s been several days since I finished the book, and I still don’t want to even look at other books. I want more of this one. The strength of this book is in the characters and the emotions. This is a fairly clean, new adult story with realistic 20-somethings. All the characters have jobs, and apartments, and friends, and lives. They do real […]

Mar 182014
Guest post: Cassandra Giovanni

Cassandra Giovanni is currently on tour for new book Flawed Perfection. She’s here today with a guest post about why she wrote a new adult book instead of YA or adult. I never consciously made a decision to write New Adult over anything else. My first novels were labeled as YA, and I did find that I felt like I was holding back. I was trying to keep the writing within the age range I was writing for, but suddenly I felt like I was trapped back in high school again. I hated high school, and I have no want […]