Sep 112014
Guest post: Jackie Gamber’s Top Ten Dragon Movies

I love books; that’s obvious. But I really enjoy the visual storytelling of movies, too (when it’s done well, of course). And there have been wonderful dragon movies I’ve enjoyed, that have certainly influenced me from a young age to now. I’m happy to share my list of 10 dragon movies. I can’t put them in order from favorite to most favorite, because depending on my day and my mood, they all shift around in different places on the list. But these are 10 movies I would invite any friend to watch with me…and dare her not to enjoy. 1. […]

Jul 162014
Guest post: RJ Sullivan

The Wass-onme Art of Bonnie! I’ve told the story a few times before. In 2011, I had published my first novel, Haunting Blue, for the first time, and was doing my first convention touring with a local group of authors, including Michael West. I had a chance to see Michael and Seventh Star Press publisher Stephen Zimmer interact, saw a few of their books, and knew then that SSP would end up on the short list of where I wanted to send my next completed manuscript. During this time, I had a chance to check out several titles, including Michael’s […]

May 292014
Review: Olde School

This was a delightfully fun story featuring trolls and ogres, magic and curses. With a very fairy tale feel, the story was quite charming. In the beginning, I was a bit unsure of the troll main character and whether I would connect enough with him to enjoy the story, but my fears were unfounded as Padd turned out to be an extremely likeable character. There were a few times when I felt he was a little slow on the uptake, but he was an all around nice guy who made a charming hero. He was surrounded by a cast of […]

May 232014
Guest post: AshleyRose Sullivan

There are a lot (like, a whole lot) of comic book/movie/novel super powers out there and when I was asked to do a Top Ten list for Workaday Reads, I thought, “Oh, picking ten of those would be super easy.” And then I realized that the way I approached this list wasn’t just “Top Ten Super Powers” it was “Top Ten Super Powers I Would Want To Have In My Current Life/Reality As It Stands Right Now” so don’t take this list too seriously. If the world were actually populated by super humans and villains (as it is in Awesome […]

Mar 062014
Character interview: Goliath from Philistine

Instead of a regular author interview, today I have a special character interview with Goliath, the legend and main character of Steven Shrewsbury’s Philistine. Thank you for taking time to speak with me today. GOLIATH: I’m drinking after a long day, sitting, already and the women from the whorehouse aren’t here yet. Go ahead. What do you find is the most challenging aspect of being labeled Champion of the Philistines? GOLIATH: It’s different than being a legendary warrior or merc, in that while I’m bigger, and live on my reputation, I also have an army to back me up. True, […]

Feb 252014
Review: Reclamation

This was a delightful ending to a fun series. There was an innocence to the storytelling that makes it perfect for young YA readers, but with a level of detail that will appeal to adult readers too. Picking up immediately after book 2, the story jumps right into the action and the beginning war. As befits a trilogy ending, and a war-stopping story, the intensity and action in this book are quite high. There are few lulls as there is so much to cover and do. All of this is accomplished without rushing the story though, which is tricky to […]

Jan 102014
Review: Sela

This may be the second book in the series, but it can almost stand alone. Set in the generation following the first book, this story featured a dragon stuck in human form, whose sole desire is to be herself. The story sees the return of a number of characters from the first book, as well a whole new generation of characters. I love this mixture of new and old, giving readers a familar basis while providing some exciting new changes. Sela is a strong girl who really undervalues her own worth and strength. She makes a great friend, and is […]

Oct 142013
Review: Thunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery

Reading this collection, I expected more magic and less violence. While magic and sorcery does feature in the stories, the violence still seems to be the dominant theme. The stories I enjoyed most were: The Ruins of St Louis by Selah Janel – A hinted love story set in the ruins of the future. This story seemed like a sneak peek at a full length story that I’d love to read. Mark of the Warrior by Steven Grassie – An honorable hero in a tragic situation, he strives to do the best thing for everyone, even when his options are […]

Oct 022013
Review: Thunder on the Battlefield: Sword

When I first started reading this collection, I was worried that the stories were all violence and half-naked women, with little substance, but the further in I got, the better the stories were. In the end, there were 6 stories that I really liked. Emissary by Marcella Burnard – This featured a strong heroine with a strong moral compass. She’s a warrier, but also has compassion and empathy for others. Also, she has awesome lions. The Red Hand by Alexis A Hunter – Ultimate betrayal and guilt. This story had powerful emotions in a few short pages. Where the Red […]

Sep 282013
Review: The God Killers

This was an action filled urban fantasy story featuring a kick-butt heroine. Ivory is strong and stubborn, and doesn’t let anyone push her around, not vampires, werewolves or CIA operatives. She is more than just a strong, pretty face. Her character is quite well developed with flaws and weaknesses, which makes it easier to root for her. The world building was quite extensive. Supernatural creatures of all sorts appear in the story, with an intricate and complex history to explain their existence and how most humans don’t know about them. The history got a bit confusing when all the mythology […]