Jul 232015
Review: Ashes of Life + Giveaway

Before I start my review, I’d just like to apologize to the authors and publisher for missing my original posting date. Thanks for being accommodating with a new date. This book is amazing. I went into it thinking it was going to be really sad, but this turned out to be a beautiful romance. Yes, there were some sad and troubling parts, but the overall feel was hope and love. This caught me off guard, but was the best kind of surprise. This was a powerful story about love, and the power of family, and really highlighted that family is […]

Jan 282015
Review: They Call Me Crazy + Giveaway

This was a quick mystery story that is filled with very unique characters in a very small town. With a different narrator for every chapter, it does take a while to really get a grasp on everything that is happening, but the focus is mostly on Cass and finding out whether she actually killed her husband, and whether he deserved it. The plotline is fairly straight forward, but there are enough secrets and twists to keep a reader interested. There is a lot of charm in the story. It really highlights how small towns think and interact. You really can`t […]

Jun 122013
Review: First

This was a quick story that contained a number of heavy themes, like slavery and multiple lives, and the ethics of harvesting bodies. Even though it sounds serious, and some of the ideas were scary and horrifying, the story itself was quite entertaining. Mira, and even Socrates, were easy to sympathize with for very different reasons. Mira was a slave who was chosen to be a Second. It’s not the glamourous role that she was taught growing up, but she handles the changes to her life with grace and maturity. Socrates has lived several hundred years. He is the first […]

Jun 112013
Guest post: Elizabeth Buhmann + Giveaway

As part of the blog tour for her book Lay Death at Her Door, I have author Elizabeth Buhmann here today to tell us a little bit more about her book. When I set out to write Lay Death at Her Door, I had a clear idea what the underlying mystery was, and I knew how the truth would be revealed. The hard part was choosing the point of view from which to tell the story. The set-up was that, twenty years in the past, a man had been shot and a woman raped. The woman—her name is Kate—accused an […]

Oct 232012
Review: The Sun, the Moon and Maybe the Trains

This was a sweet romantic YA time travel story. The main character John was a gentleman who handled everything very calmly and logically. He was sweet and likable and felt authentic. How he stayed calm while learning all about modern life is a mystery; I’m sure I would be freaking out. Tess was a spitfire. She was a very modern teenager, and maybe a bit mean. She definitely could have shown more compassion toward John, and maybe a little less laughing at his expense. But she did come through for him, and handled things pretty well when things starting affecting […]