May 262015
Review: Sharp Objects

This was a seriously messed up story. I spent a lot of time trying to decide if I like it or not, and I just can’t decide. There are just so many elements at play that it’s difficult for me to figure out exactly what I thought of the book. Camille has had a very messed up life, with a messed up family, and lived in a very messed up town. Combined, there was just nothing “normal” in the story, and I think this lack of backdrop made it hard to take in everything. And there was a lot to […]

Aug 062014
Review: The Darwin Elevator

This book was disappointing. I was expecting a thrilling space story with aliens. But there wasn’t much space, and no visible aliens. Instead, it’s a military themed story about humans fighting each other. The story starts as centered around Skyler Luiken, a pilot immune to the disease that has ravaged most of the world. He and his immune crew scavenge parts from areas outside the protected circle at the base of the space elevator. While I liked Skyler and his continual self-doubts and esteem issues, his crew were much more enjoyable. In particular, his second in command Sam is a […]

Nov 152013
Review: 12.21

This was an exciting, science based story about an epidemic with Mayan ties. It features several characters, but mostly focuses on scientist Dr Gabriel Stanton and Mayan expert Chel Manu as they race to find the source and cure for the epidemic. I usually love disaster stories, and this was no exception. An epidemic happens very quickly, and so the story must move along at the same speed. I thought that the ending seemed a touch rushed and a little too neat, but the rest of the story was smooth and exciting. I found the science easy to understand, and […]