Oct 262015
Review: Owl and the City of Angels

This book is all about adrenaline. It’s starts off with a bang which got my heart racing, and it didn’t stop until the end of the book. There is so much action and excitement, it felt like I should read faster and faster in order to match the pace of the story. Even with all this excitement, the characters and plot are well developed. I love all the various creatures that Owl interacts with. Her firm no supernatural rule really likes to slap her in the face, as her circle of friends and jobs keeps expanding into that territory. It’s […]

Oct 132015
Review: By a Thread

It’s always sad to say goodbye to a series, but I think I’m done. I was on the fence with the last book, and the constant repetition again in this book has sealed the deal. It’s too bad as the plot is quite exciting, and I enjoy the characters, but I just can’t handle another retelling of Gin’s entire life story. This book had a plot that was basically completely separate from the previous books, and it was refreshing. It was also great to see Donovan Caine make a reappearance, even if he is still an obnoxious jerk. Gin’s continued […]

May 072015
Review: Spider’s Revenge

Oh, the whining and repeating. It almost made me DNF the book and the entire series because I just couldn’t take any more whining. For an assassin, Gin sure complains a lot. And if I have to listen to the story of the night Gin’s family died one more time, I’m seriously quitting this series. There is only so much repetition I can take. If those two elements were taken out though, this was a thrilling, and very series advancing book. A lot happens, and it really pulls Gin’s whole chosen family together. It seems that with each book Gin’s […]

Mar 042015
Review: Tangled Threads

The more books I read (or listen to as I love the audiobooks) in this series, the more I realize that Gin is a big softie. She may be an accomplished and feared assassin, but she’s fiercely loyal to people she cares about, and she has a strong need for justice. It’s a unique characteristic in her line of work, and means that she seems to spend more time taking care of people and saving the underdog than she does doing strictly pay-for-hire jobs. It makes her character quite likeable. Another character I really like is Owen. He’s so sweet […]

Jan 132015
Review: Owl and the Japanese Circus

Yes, yes and yes. This book has everything I love in urban fantasy: lots of paranormal creatures, action and adventure, romance with tension, smart-aleck heroine and lots of humour. I don’t even know where to begin, except to say you need to read this book. Owl is a gaming human who is an archaeologist turned thief specializing in supernatural artifacts. She reminds me of Lara Croft, except where Lara is suave and smooth, Owl seems to bumble her way through everything. She is extremely lucky that her backtalking to every supernatural creature she encounters hasn’t resulted in her death yet. […]

Dec 042014
Review: Venom

Another solid addition to the series, I really loved getting to know the characters in this story. We see more of Finn and Sophia and lots of Owen. I really like each of these characters, and how they develop. I did notice more repetition in this book than in the previous ones. It’s a hard line to follow in a series, what to repeat and what to assume readers know. In this case, I feel like a little less repetition would have been fine. Overall, a good story with lots of character development. I really enjoy this series, and have […]

Oct 102014
Review: Web of Lies

When the first book ended with Gin determined to retire from the killing business, you knew it wouldn’t last. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a series if all Gin did was make barbeque, no matter how good it sounds. In this book, Gin’s slightly softer side is revealed as her case revolves around helping an old friend of Fletcher’s with a currently and deadly problem. I enjoyed Gin’s character and her antics. She’s sassy and straight forward and knows her mind. She’s a fun UF heroine who is a pleasant to watch work. One thing I did notice […]

Sep 192014
Review: Kindling the Moon

Not a new series to the urban fantasy genre, but a new-to-me one, and one that I’m very happy to have found. Arcadia (Cady) Bell is a sassy and busy heroine. Her series starts with quite a few tasks and adventures, which made for a very exciting story. Cady is a likeable character, and so is her somewhat partner Lon, but it’s Lon’s son Jupe who clearly steals the show. A talkative and very charismatic young teen, he brings a ton of light, energy and sheer fun to every scene he’s in. I seriously want more story, just so Jupe […]

Feb 242014
Review: Spider's Bite

Oh why did I wait so long to start this series? It’s absolutely delightfully fun, with a strong heroine, an amusing brother, and a smexy reluctant partner. It’s got magic and assassinations and lots of urban fantasy angst. Everything that I enjoy in a paranormal story. I found the setting of Ashland to be quite intriguing. It’s such a corrupt city, but with strict unwritten rules about what corruption is okay and what is over-the-top and deserves punishment. For some reason, I kept thinking of Gotham City from Batman, but I have no idea why. The story is told in […]