Jul 292014
Review: Evening Stars

This series is so heartwarming that it puts me in a great mood when I read it. The stories are so much more than just romance, and while this book had more romance than the previous with two love interests, it really focuses on family dynamics and inner growth. With a flighty mother and a spoiled little sister, Nina has grown up with too much responsibility and as such, put her own dreams aside to concentrate on taking care of everyone else. When things happen and she has a chance to look at her life, she isn’t really happy with […]

Jun 232014
Review: Three Sisters

This was such a beautiful book. Similar to the first book, it’s a story that focuses on self-growth, love and healing. It’s a stand alone book, with just a commong setting linking the series, although the characters from the first book do make a brief appearance near the end of this story. The characters in this book all have different situations, but their stories all focused on each woman learning to love herself in order to make her life better. I thought this was a very positive and real message. Two of the women were married, and both wanted to […]

Jun 022014
Review: Barefoot Season

I went into this book thinking it was a contemporary romance. It’s not. At all. Shows how well I read the summary. What I got was a very moving story about love, family, and healing. The focus of the story is on the characters: mainly Carly and Michelle. They have a long and complicated history that is revealed to the reader in pieces. It is fully revealed by the end, and is believable. It’s sad and tragic, but has a very real feel to it. No family, or serious friendship, is simple, and what Carly and Michelle had and have […]

Mar 272013
Review: Evidence of Life

This is a book about heartbreaking grief, with a slightly scary mystery element. When Abby’s husband and daughter go missing in a massive flood, she suffers debiliating grief. It was overwhelming and highly emotional. The opposite of a strong heroine, Abby relys heavily on her mother and best friend to help her cope with her obsession to learn what happened. It felt very real, and very heartbreaking. Abby’s quest leads her into a strong mystery plot that was quite creepy at times. There was one spot where I had to stop reading late at night because it scared me a […]

Jan 232013
Review: One Breath Away

This was a powerful and emotional story. It’s the type of book that is easier to discuss than review because it’s hard to talk about the important parts without spoiling the plot. The story is based on a horrible situation, yet still manages to be full of strong people, love and hope. Part of this is due to the focus on the characters. Mrs Oliver was a true hero. Her thoughts were about her classroom full of children, and she was quite determined to save them all, regardless of what it took. That type of devotion goes way beyond her […]