Jan 012015
Review: Hearts of Darkness

Do you ever read a book and think “I should DNF this, why don’t I DNF this?” because that was this book for me. The whole time, I kept thinking that, and yet I kept listening. I don’t have a good explanation as to why I actually finished it, but I did. Everything just felt super cliched and predictable. There were no surprises, no twists, no depths. This was a simple story that follows a very predictable plotline and features a weak female and stereotypical bad boy. Cue eye rolling that almost hurt. I kept hoping for something to make […]

Oct 202014
Review: The Tudor Throne

I normally find Tudor stories to be very complex with drama, backstabbing, and endless amounts of intrigue. This book was much more subdued than most Tudor stories I’ve read, but it was still an enjoyable glimpse into Mary and Elizabeth’s lives. Both Mary and Elizabeth had alternating first person narratives over the same time period, which made it easy to contrast and compare the sisters. It was interesting to see how each of them perceived and reacted differently to the same events. It really highlighted how different from each other they were, and also lent a very believable air to […]

Oct 262012
Review: Blood and Silver

While I enjoyed this book almost as much as the previous books in the series, I found myself a little more critical of the writing. With 2 novellas and a full length book under his belt, I have higher expectations from the author when it comes to the execution of the story. One thing that struck me in a less positive way was the amount of repetition in the story. While it is not reasonable to expect all your readers to have read previous volumes in the series, it isn’t necessary to recap everything that happened in said books. Fewer […]

Oct 192012
Review: Spider's Lullaby

This book was a great fit for the series: fast, fun, furious and full of attitude. The action is nonstop, and there is never a dull moment. The novella length offer a great read that left me craving a full length story. I will admit that I was worried about a story about were-spiders because spiders are creepy and gross. But there was no need to worry because the spiders played more of a supporting role as victims rather than a centre stage role. That’s not to say that aren’t creepy, especially the final scenes, but I didn’t have nightmares […]