Jul 242014
Review: Prototype

A very exciting and thrilling conclusion to the duology, this book was quite different from the first. While the first book focused mostly on Emma and her amnesia, this book focused more on Emma’s relationship with Noah, and her fight against Declan. Picking up shortly after the first book ended, this one started with a heart-pounding action scene. The story continued with almost nonstop action until the very end. It made for a very quick and adrenaline filled read. While the story was exciting, I did find it less original than the first book. This one followed a more standard […]

Feb 122014
Review: Archetype

This was an exciting and mysterious story. It was an amnesia story that was firmly rooted in science fiction, offering a little bit of everything. While it was easy to figure out that something was wrong with Emma’s situation, it was much harder to decipher what those things were. Declan seemed like an attentive and loving husband, and yet there was also something sinister about him. Emma’s nightmares were much too vivid to be real, and were difficult to reconcile with her current position. The worldbuilding itself was simple yet effective. I wish that more of the world was explained, […]

Jan 082014
Review: Crossed

I was recently asked what I thought of Matched, the first book in the trilogy. I remembered how much I loved it, and that I still hadn’t read the second book, even though I’ve own it for months. I decided to resolve that right away, and quickly read the book in 2 days. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as I did the first one. I think it was a combination of the narration style, and the lack of a concrete enemy. The narration was told in alternating chapters: one from Ky and then one from Cassia. […]