Jun 122015
Review: Shadow Scale

I feel so sad because I didn’t love this book. I really loved the first one, and this sequel has been so well received by everyone else, but I just didn’t love it. I didn’t even really like it. I found it slow and boring, and the best part was that I finished it. When I read the first book, I was very intrigued with the characters in Seraphina’s garden, wanting to learn more about them. This book is really all about those other characters, which I appreciated. It was interesting to see how Seraphina’s images and names tied into […]

Apr 022014
Review: Sea of Shadows

This is an exciting start to a new series featuring unique magical creatures, and a pair of strong twin heroines. Let me jump to the ending first: it’s a doozy cliffhanger. My exact reaction upon finishing was “Ah… Wha… But… Oh… I need book two now.” Yes, I was almost speechless. I was shocked and amazed, and loving the story. The twins Moria and Ashyn are very different from each other, and yet make a great complementary team. Ashyn is the shy, quiet thinker while Moria is the brash, assertive doer. Together, they have an important role in the magic […]

Mar 062013
Review: Seraphina

This was a unique and beautifully written story. The writing was lyrical and poetic, while still being exciting and captivating. The intrigue and politics were easy to follow and entertaining. This is a YA feeling story that featured grown-up characters. Seraphina was a very relatable character. She is filled with self-doubt and revulsion at her who she is, yet she is intelligent and creative and stubborn. She is a study of contradictions and ever changing moods that felt very realistic. Her character matured and grew slowly and realistically throughout the story. I was very surprised by Glissanda. When she first […]