Jul 142014
Review: Cruel Beauty

I haven’t really read many fairy tale retellings, but if this book is any indication, then I need to start seeking them out. Although, to be fair, while this is marketed as a Beauty and the Beast retelling, it is quite far removed from that story. Nyx has had a difficult life, knowing that she was to be married to the Gentle Lord since she was little. As a result, she’s not a happy person, and harbours a lot of anger towards her father and sister, most of which seems rightfully earned. And yet Nyx never gives up. She’s strong, […]

Aug 212013
Review: The Secret Prophecy

This is a thrilling adventure mystery for middle grade or younger YA readers. With a male hero and lots of action, I can see this being a book that many young boys will enjoy. With a strong female sidekick and the hint of a sweet, age-appropriate crush, many young girls will enjoy it too. There are many twists and turns to the story, and even as an adult reader, I wasn’t able to guess all of them. I did get a bit confused at one point about who was the good guy and who was the bad guy as there […]