Sep 292015
Review: The Sisters of Versailles

Most of the historical fiction I’ve read centres on the English monarchy, so reading a story about 18th century France was exciting. I know almost nothing about French monarchs, but this story was everything I expect from a good historical fiction. The drama surrounding kings and mistresses seems to be pretty universal, and the court scheming was quite entertaining. The story viewpoint moved between each of the five sisters, which resulted in a really well rounded look at everything that happened. It made some of the schemes and actions seem more elaborate and cruel, especially when you consider that all […]

May 192015
Review: The Well

This book had such an overwhelming melancholy feel, I had to read it in small chunks because the feeling of the book kept soaking into me. The feeling fell just short of depressed, but it was certainly on the darker side of emotion. This mood fit the story very well as the story is all about Ruth, and her reflections on what happened at The Well. Her story looks back at when her and her husband first arrived, and the struggles that started with the drought. It goes through the arrival of her daughter and grandson, and the arrival of […]

Apr 282015
Review: The Beautiful Daughters

This story sounded like it would be an interesting slow unravelling of a mystery, but I didn’t connect with either of the main characters, and so I DNF’d at the 38% mark. The first introduction to Adri was exciting as she’s living a nursing life in Africa, but she quickly comes back to the states, and is shown to be rather boring. Most of what I read was her complaining about why she was there, and how she didn’t want to be there. It was annoying, and boring. Before I quit reading, there was one glimpse into Harper’s current life, […]

Apr 012015
Review: Wild Wood

This was an interesting story with a duel plotline: the modern day Jesse on a quest to find her birth mother, and Bayard from 1321 whose older brother’s choice of wife is causing strife in town. I found that the historical story was far superior to the present story. Bayard was a well developed character, and all his actions were believable. His was a difficult life, but it had both ups and downs, and we got to see quite a few sides of him during his narrations. On the other side, Jesse greatly aggravated me. She made several decisions that […]

Feb 172015
Review: Doctor Death + Giveaway

This was an engrossing, very Gothic feeling story. It started as a straight forward historical based murder mystery, and ventured into magical realism, and almost paranormal. Looking back, it’s easy to see the directions the story took, but while reading, I couldn’t guess what would happen next, and honestly, I was too captivated to stop to speculate. Madeleine was a delightfully intelligent young woman who knew what she wanted to do with her life, and it didn’t include being the stereotypical woman of her time. She was smart enough to realize that she couldn’t be straightforward with her interests and […]

Jan 192015
Review: Advent

I feel so torn about this book. On one hand I really liked Gavin’s character and found his story quite engaging and interesting, and parts of it were told with a very magical prose, but on the other hand, Gavin’s story is interspersed with Johann’s narration, and this part had me very confused and uninterested. Writing my review several weeks after reading the book is a bad idea here as most of the story has faded in my memory, which is never a great sign. I know there were parts that had a very magical feel, and I can almost […]

Sep 132014
Review: Beautiful Disaster

There is so much controversy and divided thoughts on this book, not just in the book community, but also in my own head. The story is so aptly titled, I’m not even sure where to start. It’s kind of sad, but the characters seem quite real. They are messy and emotional and act like real people. It makes it easy to follow and understand the story, but it’s sad because they are making an incredible mess of their lives. Both Abby and Travis are train wrecks, and together they are a fireball of bad decisions. There were a few elements […]

Jun 132014
Genevieve Reviews: The Girls at the Kingfisher Club

I ended up liking this book a lot more than I thought I would. Once the story really got going, it was captivating and I was on the edge of my seat until the very end wondering how everything was going to turn out. It was also impressive that the book had eleven sisters who managed to have, if not totally developed personalities, at least enough unique character traits for each sister that I knew which one was which, and I cared about what happened to all of them. Particularly, I ended up very invested in the romance between Josephine […]

Jan 032014
Review: Journey Into the Flame

This book had an interesting idea, but the execution was too complex, and I wasn’t able to finish the story. The book starts with a brief recap of the world changing event called the Great Disruption. It’s just briefly explained, and then the narration starts a few years later to tell the story of when the Chronicles of Satraya are found. The book then jumps another 30 years, and the true story begins. This jumpy beginning makes it feel like I missed either the first books in the series, or a whole series that comes before this one. The world […]