Dec 302014
Review: The Imperfectionists

This felt like it took a really long time to read. It was almost too literary feeling for me, but gave the right amount of random insight into people’s lives to keep me reading. It satisfied my inner nosy neighbour, although the overall feel of the story was almost pretentious. Each chapter gave a slice of life insight into someone connected to The Paper, with the occasional interlude reflecting back on the founder’s life. It took a few chapters for me to grasp the connections between the characters, as it was not apparent at first. Once I understood the flow […]

Jul 222013
Review: The Gargoyle

This was a mesmerizing story told in a lyrical manner. The poetic prose made me read in short bursts to avoid being overwhelmed by the story. Unlike when I tear through books, this book demanded slower reading; a story to be savoured. The story centres around an unnamed main character who is a former cocaine-addicted port star. He suffers a terrible car accident and is horribly burned. The story starts with his recovery in the burn ward, and leads to his life with Marianne, a woman who may be schizophrenic or bipolar, but is definitely a talented artist. The “hero” […]