Jul 072015
Review: Those Girls

These girls are seriously cursed. And this book is seriously awesome, in a totally scary, uncomfortable, left me bawling on the ferry in public, kind of way. Do I need to back up here a bit? No way. I read this as quick as I could because it was entirely captivating and thrilling, but I don’t really want to relive it. Why? Because those girls went through hell, and I have no wish to go through it with them again. If anything could go wrong, it did. Think of your worst nightmare, and then double it. *shudder* I’ll never look […]

Apr 152015
Review: What You Left Behind

While I felt this story started off a bit rocky, it turned into a thrilling, and surprising read by the end. I didn’t realize before reading that it was the second in a series, but it stood alone quite well. There are a few remarks that hinted at a prior story, but nothing that stood in the way of enjoying and understanding this story. This book had several twists and turns, and in the first half, had several story lines that seemed very disconnected. I had a bit of trouble seeing the point to everything that was happening, but things […]

Jan 072015
Review: The Forgotten Girls

This was a quick Danish police procedural that felt familiar and foreign at the same time. A lot of the procedural parts were familiar, while the setting and some of the characters felt foreign. I think part of the foreign feel has to do with the translation, which was mostly smooth, but had a few bumpy spots. Another part of the foreign feel probably had to do with the fact that this book is actually in the middle of a series, but is the first to be translated to English. While reading it, I didn’t feel like it was the […]

Dec 192014
The Maze Runner Twitter Event and Giveaway

I’ve very excited to be taking part in a special #MazeRunnerFriday Twitter event today for The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I also have an awesome giveaway to share too. To celebrate the release of the Blue Ray/DVD of The Maze Runner, there is a “Twitter Viewing Party” event tonight, Friday, December 19, at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST. At that time, I will be pushing play on my movie and tweeting while watching, alongside @JamesDashner, @MazeRunnerMovie and @FoxHomeEnt. Hopefully you can join too! Whether you’re able to join in the Twitter party, or not, I have a giveaway for […]

Dec 182014
Review: For We Are Many

I am just so confused after reading this book. I have so many questions. And not in a good way. The premise of the book sounded really good, but the execution fell sadly short. It just seemed so disjointed and fast and incomplete. Without giving spoilers, it’s hard to articulate all my questions, but there is a group of people that just appear in the story, and they apparently become important, but I don’t know where they came from or really how they are. Fletcher’s story started off quite good. He’s obviously different and has some kind of ability that […]

Nov 202014
Genevieve Reviews: The Job

This is the third installment in this particular series, and this one is definitely consist with the first two. It’s a light hearted but well-written story about some cons who con the bad guys. It’s full of action, exotic locations, designer brands, and multiple capers. It’s fun, easy reading. Personally, I tend to get very emotionally invested in books. Will the two leads get together in the end? Will the bad guy get away? Is everything going to work out?!? It’s bad. I routinely look at the end of a book before I get there to see how things are […]

Oct 132014
Review: The Gods of War

This is a military space story set primarily on Mars that reads like a good action movie. It’s quick and exciting, although very black and white and predictable. Action movie books can be tricky to write as you need to strike a delicate balance between simplicity and entertainment. This book rode that line well and resulted in an enjoyable story that didn’t require a lot of brain power to process. The characters in this story were really black and white. Either they were good or evil, there were no shades of grey. The hero, Captain James Collins, has most of […]

Sep 092014
Review: Lethal Code

This was a very exciting and scary techno-thriller about a terrorist group that sets out to destroy the US by taking over technological systems. I found the idea of the faceless, could be anyone even your neighbour, terrorist who attacks remotely through technology to be the scariest part. We live in an age where enemies are not staring at you across a battlefield, where psychological warfare is crucial, and where havoc and paranoia are commonplace. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that the story was a lot more telling than showing. The main characters were mostly removed from the individual disasters that […]

Aug 042014
Review: Gone Girl

This book made my head explode. In the best and messiest way possible. I tried really hard to think of a way to describe this without swearing, but I can’t. This book is a serious mindfuck. There, I said it. And it’s true. The start of this book seems relatively normal. Nick comes home and his wife is missing and there appears to be signs of foul play. He’s obviously a suspect in the case. The story is narrated in alternating viewpoint chapters, one for Nick and then one for Amy. Everything progresses as expected, and it’s easy to see […]

Jun 252014
Interview: Eliot Baker

Can you tell us what your book is about? Absolutely. Around Nantucket Island, brutal crime scenes are peppered with ancient coins, found by the one man who can unlock their meaning. But what do the coins have to do with the crimes? Or the sudden disease epidemic? Even the creature? And who–or what–left them? The answer leads reporter Simon Stephenson on a journey through ancient mythology, numismatics, and the occult. Not to mention his own past, which turns out to be even darker than he’d realized; his murdered father was a feared arms dealer, after all. Along the way, Simon […]