Jul 212014
Review: Gravely Inanimated

Wishy-washy, woe-is-me female characters annoy me, and unfortunately I just couldn’t take the main character in this book. Lucy seems to lament the fact that she’s single one minute, and then suddenly she’s met 2 men and is worried that she’s leading them on by not making a decision between the two. This change happens within days, after meeting one of the men only once. It just made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt. I made it a third of the way through the book, but it didn’t feel like much action was happening, and what little action […]

Apr 282014
Review: Deadly Games

Following shortly after book 2, this book starts slowly but builds to the fun and amusement that I’ve come to expect from this series. The plot sees the character spending quite a bit apart in small groups, and I found this lessened the excitement a bit. The characters are amusing, and a lot of that has to do with their interactions with each other. In that vein, I totally adore Sicarius. Is it weird that my favourite character is the silent and deadly assassin? He’s the straight man to everyone else’s droll antics. Plus Amaranthe’s attraction to him is highly […]

Mar 172014
Review: Dark Currents

This was a fun and humourous adventure story that feature a lovable cast of misfits. Picking up not long after the first book ends, the crew is out to try to generate some good will in their effort to clear their names. Amaranth is sure it won`t be too hard to start the good word flowing, but the crew seems to be a magnet for trouble. The highlight of the story is the characters. They each have fully formed personalities, and are quite distinct from each other. Together, they form an amusing, highly disfunctional, yet very tight family. Their bickering […]

Sep 252013
Review: Nimbus

This was an exciting start to a serial story. There is no sitting around or unnecessary descriptions here, the action starts quick and continues straight through the whole book. Since it is a serial, it has a non-ending, instead, simply stopping in a cliffhanger fashion. The story starts with two different threads, having only the world in common. I’m sure the plots will come together later in the story, but for now, they are quite distinct. It is easy to tell them apart, and easy to follow each of them. The world building was quite intricate, however not a lot […]

Sep 192013
Cover interview: Esther Wheelmaker

What was your intention for the cover? I wanted to make a cover that would define the book itself. Putting it in the graveyard (which was so much fun) really brought out the concept of death (if the title wasn’t clear enough already lol). However, I also wanted to add the strong female lead, that way I could show the concept of steampunk that is also a big part of the book. The right clothing (that I got from Steampunk Works) really showed the genre in that way. How did you create the cover? I had to find a graveyard […]

Aug 202013
Review: Darker Still

This was a delightful and delicious story. The magic involved was exciting and intriguing. The romance was sweet and slightly breathtaking, although very clean. It’s amazing what sparkling personalities and a few kisses can convey. I loved the diary format of the story. It made the story intimate and personal. A great way to do first person narrative, this format is fun to read. Part of the attraction is the fact that the story stuck to important things, and didn’t wander too much into repetitive and mundame matters. Natalie was under such time constraints and pressures that there just wasn’t […]

May 152013
Review: The Emperor's Edge

This was a fun, quirky steampunk read featuring a strong heroine. Amaranthe starts out as a good-guy all the way, and through some bad luck ends up on the wrong side of the law. She still has the best of intentions with a noble and good goal, however she is learning that sometimes rules need to be bent. As the leader of a motley group of guys, she is the heart of the story. Amaranthe has the ability to talk her way into and out of any situation, and can get almost anyone to do anything. For example, she somehow […]

Nov 272012
Review: The Night Watchman Express

This story had a very gothic Victorian feel. There was plenty of mystery and was quite entertaining. There was a surprising amount of humour, told in a formal and subtle way that fit the gothic feel. Both Miriam and Riki are mischievious troublemakers, and the adventures they got into helped provided a youthful and fun vibe. The story was told in two parts, almost like episodes within the series. The first part was an introduction, and focused on Miriam. The second part was Neil’s story on Lampala. They were both complex, and yet tied together and segued quite smoothly. That […]