May 202015
Review: Revive

This was a very exciting and fun story, with a ton of twists and reveals. These elements, which made for a great read, make this book extremely hard to review. There are so many surprises which affect everything that happens after that point, that mentioning almost anything would be a spoiler. The story is told with alternating present time events, and flashbacks as Sophia remembers things. It was never confusing, and lent to the mysterious feel of the story. It helped me connect with and understand Sophia as she never seemed to know anything that the reader didn’t. It made […]

Mar 262015
Review: Masks and Mirrors

This book picks up immediately after the first book ends, with no time jump or recap. That’s great if you read them back to back, but I think a tiny bit of recap would be helpful for readers like me who had a lag of several months between books. This book focuses a lot on Jaered and his situation and actions. It’s a change from the first book, which focused primarily on Ian. It was an interesting change, and helped bring into focus the wider picture of the series. This book wasn’t just about Ian’s struggles, but about all the […]

Feb 172015
Review: Doctor Death + Giveaway

This was an engrossing, very Gothic feeling story. It started as a straight forward historical based murder mystery, and ventured into magical realism, and almost paranormal. Looking back, it’s easy to see the directions the story took, but while reading, I couldn’t guess what would happen next, and honestly, I was too captivated to stop to speculate. Madeleine was a delightfully intelligent young woman who knew what she wanted to do with her life, and it didn’t include being the stereotypical woman of her time. She was smart enough to realize that she couldn’t be straightforward with her interests and […]

Jan 292015
Review: Claiming Callie

This is a fun and light-hearted romance story. It felt very similar to Shopaholic in that the main female is a complete disaster and needs to rein in her financial situation. There are several key differences though, primarily being the duel narrative with Dean. I think Dean’s narrative was my favourite part of the story. He’s just so sweet. He really has Callie’s best interests at heart, and seems like the only actual adult in the story. Callie’s plan to earn quick money is really a disaster and not thought out at all. It’s no wonder she ran into problems. […]

Nov 122014
Review: Just Girls + Giveaway

Simply put, this was an amazing story. It is heartfelt and honest and is the perfect mix of drama and emotions. Ella’s story is very remarkable. I would almost say that Tucker’s is as remarkable since she takes it upon herself to protect a stranger with no benefit to herself. That is the action of a modern day hero, and one that should be applauded and respected. While there is a lot of talk of gender in the book, I enjoyed that the focus was on the story of Ella’s first year at college. I learned a lot reading the […]

Oct 222014
Review: Fade to Black

This book took a while to get into and understand, but once I did, it was worth the effort. It starts out smack in the middle of action, but without some explanations given about the who/how/why, I found it quite confusing. While I don’t want an info dump, some information would have been helpful. Those explanations did come, but not until almost halfway through the book. Once I learned the background and ground rules, everything snapped into place, and I started to really enjoy the story. There is a touch of predictability in the “last Heir of a dying breed” […]

Oct 042014
Review: Fangirl

This is a book with a lot of hype. I’ve heard so many great things about it that I was expecting to love it. Unfortunately, while I found it an okay read, I was pretty bored throughout the story. In a twist for me, I found that I liked it much better once the romance started up. This book is about Cath and her adjustment to college. She’s very introverted and her whole world revolves around her twin sister Wren, and writing fan fiction for her favourite books series, which is a complete play on Harry Potter. As they start […]

Sep 132014
Review: Beautiful Disaster

There is so much controversy and divided thoughts on this book, not just in the book community, but also in my own head. The story is so aptly titled, I’m not even sure where to start. It’s kind of sad, but the characters seem quite real. They are messy and emotional and act like real people. It makes it easy to follow and understand the story, but it’s sad because they are making an incredible mess of their lives. Both Abby and Travis are train wrecks, and together they are a fireball of bad decisions. There were a few elements […]

Jun 272014
Interview: Frances Pauli + Giveaway

What books have influenced your writing? I’ve read a lot of Andre Norton over the years. Like, a lot. There may have been years when she was all I read. She was so very prolific. I loved Witch World, how the books straddled fantasy and scifi, and how she always managed to weave in some romance, even though, I think, it was a bit of a risk for her to do so. I would say those books specifically, the Witch World novels, are my biggest influence. I could name others, McCaffrey, McKillip, Tanith Lee, but it always comes back to […]

Jun 102014
Review: Unbearable

I’m so excited that this trilogy has a finale and that Booker gets his turn at romance. Booker has been my favourite character the whole series, and this book makes me very happy. It’s filled with humour and love and adventure. Everything I wanted for a finale. This was a sweet read. Even though reading about Tess’ past was heartbreaking, her continual urge to be comfortable with herself and her present was very rewarding. Booker was such a strong supporter of Tess that it was impossible not to love them separately and together. Each of the couples from the previous […]