Mar 202015
Review: The Damned

This was such a creepy book. It stopped short of full on horror, but the premise of the book was very creepy and there were a few scenes that made you want to turn on all the lights. The idea that a near death experience could result in you bringing something back to life with you is terrifying. The way Danny brought back his completely psychopathic twin sister’s ghost was so scary. Not just because it’s a malevolent ghost, but her back story and her behaviour were just so creepy. Not only was this the story of Danny battling for […]

Sep 162014
Review: Conduits

This was a very dark story with both elements of psychological and paranormal horror. Mara is a very confused girl that self-mutilates and begins to blurs reality with imagination. Her delusions seem like paranormal elements, and the reader is left wondering if they are real, or if everything was in Mara’s head. This was a quick, yet very creepy read. The journey into Mara’s descent is the focus, not the cause or the end result. It’s a haunting story that strikes a perfect balance between a dark plot and lyrical prose. I usually prefer to know clearly whether a story […]

Dec 232013
Review: Her Vampyrrhic Heart

This was a scary story, with more horror than paranormal. It featured an interesting Norse mythology twist on regular vampires. I found this twist contributed quite a bit to the scary aspect as the vampires were more monsters than human. While reading the story, I found myself wanting to learn more about the Beck family and their history. The bits that were included were intriguing and exciting. Something about the family legends and origins pulled at me more than the current story of Tom and Nicola. The end was satisfying, and yet also felt a bit like a letdown. There […]

May 142013
Guest post: L Andrew Cooper

As part of the blog tour tour for L Andrew Cooper’s debut novel Burning the Middle Ground, I have a guest post about his writing style. Being a closeted/unpublished novelist made sense when I was a graduate student in English—all English professors have as secret novel tucked away, right? (FYI: wrong). The further I drifted from teaching literature—which I still love, honest!—the weirder my novel-writing habit became, to the point where now, as a film studies professor who has finally published some fiction, I get cock-eyed looks like I’m ramming my film-critic career into a brick wall. But I like […]

May 092013
Review: The Twelve

After loving the first book, I was very excited and nervous about this second book. I really wanted this book to match the excitement and thrill of the first, and was worried that it would suffer the dreaded 2nd book curse. Happily, this book was a great addition to the series. The book started with a story from the beginning of the plague that was parallel to the first book. It eventually caught up to ending of the first book and went on from there. The timeline was a bit confusing at times as I tried to match the events […]

Mar 152013
Review: The Passage

This book was very intimidating in length, and yet once I started reading, I flew through it. A psychological horror story about an experiment that went horrible wrong with earth shattering consequences, this is a book that is not easy to forget. And since the monsters in the book come out at night, it is a book that easily disrupts your sleep, both from fear of what is in the dark and from a desire to know what happens next. The story felt like it was split into 4 parts: Before, Walter & Amy, The Colony and The Journey. Each […]

Nov 212012
Review: Dark Halo

This was an intense and very dark horror story. Don’t let the moody paranormal angel cover fool you, this is horror story where people die. And not just the bad guys! I was so upset over some of the events that happened, but no way will I ruin it for you but revealing the victims. More than a paranormal adventure, this isn’t the religious rant that some angel stories become. There are more religious aspects than I was expecting, but more than anything, this story was about survival. It was suspenseful and scary and a lot of fun to read. […]