Sep 092014
Review: Lethal Code

This was a very exciting and scary techno-thriller about a terrorist group that sets out to destroy the US by taking over technological systems. I found the idea of the faceless, could be anyone even your neighbour, terrorist who attacks remotely through technology to be the scariest part. We live in an age where enemies are not staring at you across a battlefield, where psychological warfare is crucial, and where havoc and paranoia are commonplace. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that the story was a lot more telling than showing. The main characters were mostly removed from the individual disasters that […]

Jun 102013
Review: The Age of Miracles

Word of warning: this is a gushy “I love this book” type of review. This story was a slow telling of a life-changing castrophe, but it was also a coming-of-age story for a pre-teen girl. The castrophe isn’t sudden, it happens gradually over an extended period time, which leant a slower, drawn out pace to the story. This unique change of pace from most books made the story feel unique and captivating. I was able to really understand and feel for Julia. Her life slowly changes, and not just because she is becoming a teenager, but also because the whole […]