Sep 182014
Guest Post: Stephanie Cole explains Why Alaska + Giveaway

Why does Compass North take place in Alaska? It’s the perfect place for Meredith’s story… Compass North is a romantic suspense novel about personal reinvention. Meredith narrowly escapes a catastrophic accident and is presumed dead. She slips into a new identity and a new life in Homer, Alaska, leaving behind her deceitful husband and her disastrous marriage back in Florida. She finds that it’s not that easy to leave the baggage of the past behind, but she discovers that she can peel back the layers of unhappiness that have weighed her down, to find her strength and joy again. But […]

Sep 152014
Review: Compass North

Have you ever thought about abandoning your life and starting over somewhere new, as someone new? That’s exactly what Meredith does in this book, and it made for a beautiful story. Meredith is an easy character to feel sorry for. She’s obviously in shock when her life falls apart, and her whole adventure to Homer starts with her in that state of shock. It’s almost palpable, and I was impressed that the impression of Meredith’s mind came through so easily, especially since the setting and story were so clear. The setting was definitely one of the highlights of the story. […]