Feb 042015
Review: Echo 8

This is a science fiction story with a strong romance element. It has a love triangle that is complex and very fun to read. Unlike most love triangles, the circumstances dictate that there isn’t really a “who will she pick” angle, just a lot of layers that made it feel unique. I found the romance in the story was hot and steamy, but also very fast. The relationships proceed at a breakneck speed which seems almost too fast, until you realize the entire book moves at the same speed. Then it starts to make sense and seem less rushed, but […]

Nov 052012
Review: Ghost Planet

This was a great science fiction story with a strong romance element. It had an interesting premise, and was uniquely told from an alien viewpoint, the alien taking the form of a ghost of a human. I was sucked into Elizabeth’s desire for knowledge. She had so many questions about the ghosts, and wasn’t willing to let anything get in her way, even her surprise discovery that she was actually one of the ghosts. Her drive and determination drove the story. She had a very out-of-the-box way of thinking that was refreshingly strong. Elizabeth really helped set a new standard […]