May 232013
Guest post: S.C. Langgle + Giveaway

Today I have a guest post from author S.C. Langgle. She is here to tell us how her story “The Bird Below Ground” was born. As a reader, I love exploring new worlds through science fiction, fantasy, dystopia, and more. As a writer, however, I tend to be a bit terrified of world-building—so many things to think about; so many possible places to go wrong!—and as a result most of my fiction is contemporary and realistic. It’s kind of a miracle that I managed to write a dystopian story like “The Bird Below Ground” to begin with! So why did […]

May 222013
Review: Perfect Flaw

This was a collection of dark dystopian, often post-apocalyptic, stories. There were no real happy endings here. Every story had a sombre serious feel, and yet it never felt depressing. My two favourite stories were: Useless by Ellen Brock – This was the only story had seemed to showcase hope, even if that seems the opposite of the title. The Choosing by Michael O’Connor – I was impressed by the inclusion of two distinct themes in one short story: innocence, and how expectations often differ from reality. I was amazed at the variety of planets, governments and situations explored in […]