Nov 182013
Review: The Other Boleyn Girl

I love the scandal and intrigue that is prevalent in stories from this time frame. There is always something going on: people conspiring, meeting, plotting in secret. It makes for a highly entertaining read. This book was full of this, and more. I love that the viewpoint is from Mary Boleyn, who is the lesser known sister of Anne Boleyn. I found their interactions to be quite believable, and quite sad. In fact, Mary’s entire life is quite sad, when viewed by an outsider. It makes me very glad to live in a time where I am in control of […]

May 272013
Review: The Red Queen

It’s been a while since I read historical fiction, so I picked this audiobook book up on a whim, not realizing it was the second in the series. I was pleasantly surprised. The story stands alone, and is quite intriguing. Margaret is a cold, bitter, jealous woman. She is quite delusional, believing that God speaks to her and that her every desire is the will of God. She is selfish and doesn’t see it at all. She’s not an easy woman to like, but her belief in herself does lead to quite a bit of drama. While I enjoyed the […]