Oct 272015
Review: The Paladin Caper

Is this the end of the series? Was this a trilogy? Something about this book makes me think that, and I’m okay with it because almost everything feels resolved. Not just resolved, but resolved in a satisfying way. I love when that happens because it so rarely seems to, but by the end of this book, I was feeling pleased. It’s hard to say much about this book and its characters that I haven’t already said. I love the ever present humour, especially Kail’s “your mother” jokes, those never get old. I also love how we get to meet Kail’s […]

Mar 052015
Review: The Prophecy Con

I was so excited to read this book since I loved the first one, and the funny thing is I only discovered this sequel through a happy Twitter coincidence. I didn’t know this book was coming out until I talked to someone who was reading the first book, and I looked up a detail, and noticed this book. So I bought it, downloaded it, and read it right away. And then joined the Twitter conversation again to confirm when book 3 was coming out. This book has as much humour as the first book, and makes for a highly amusing […]

Sep 272012
Review: The Palace Job

This is a humourous action-packed story that is full of surprises. The idea of a magical heist that is comparable to Ocean’s 11 sounds incredibly fun, and this book does not disappoint. The characters are an eclectic group that really fit together well. I loved them all, but I especially loved Kail. His mother bashing comments made me laugh every time. They lent a simple yet familiar element to the story. In fantasy world with active magic, the fact that mother bashing generates the same reactions that you can expect in real life really helped make Kail seem more realistic. […]