Jan 292015
Review: Claiming Callie

This is a fun and light-hearted romance story. It felt very similar to Shopaholic in that the main female is a complete disaster and needs to rein in her financial situation. There are several key differences though, primarily being the duel narrative with Dean. I think Dean’s narrative was my favourite part of the story. He’s just so sweet. He really has Callie’s best interests at heart, and seems like the only actual adult in the story. Callie’s plan to earn quick money is really a disaster and not thought out at all. It’s no wonder she ran into problems. […]

May 052014
Review: Written on Her Heart + Giveaway

This was a delightful romance story about a young woman and her author idol. Combining a romance story with an inside look at the life of a celebrity author, this book was quick and enjoyable read. The focus was mostly on the characters, who were fully formed and believable. Andi was everyone’s friend, and I loved how she kept blurting out comments, even when they weren’t appropriate. It was endearing and amusing, and never malicious. Her “friend” Rachel though… Ugh, what a piece of work. Still believable, yet not at all likeable. She was so malicious and almost the definition […]