Feb 132014
Review: Betrayed

This was a guilty pleasure read, filled with teenaged drama. The voice of the book feels authentically teenaged, similar to the first book. The vampyre world is mostly developed in the first book, but things do get deeper and more interesting in this story. In addition to some well developed and unique vampyre problems, Zoey faces an almost ridiculous overabundance of guy interest. The number of guys that were interested Zoey was over the top, and almost eye-roll worthy. The romance in the story is the main source of drama, and while entertaining, it is definitely the cause of the […]

Mar 182013
Review: Marked

This was a fun twist on vampyres told from a very authentic feeling point of view. The vampyre story was well developed, and quite different from most vampire myths. In this story, vampyres are marked, not made. They grow into their bodies and abilities over a period of timem much like regular people do. I found it very convincing and a unique change from the standard myth. The point of view was the highlight of the book. Zoey felt like an actual, normal teenaged girl. She was likable and scared and just felt real. I’m not sure I’ve even read […]