Oct 072013
Review: The Touch of Sage

This was a sweet, clean romance. I found Sage to be a bit too naive for my taste, but that’s fairly typical with historical style stories. I kept wanting her to grow up a little and believe in herself. She raised her younger sisters and runs a boarding house by herself. You’d think she’d understand that she is strong, but that is not the case. Another issue I have with these stories, and Sage in particular is that her biggest desire is to get a husband and give him children. I am much too modern to see that as a […]

Sep 122013
Desert Fire

I was craving a sweet romance, and when I saw this on my ereader, I knew it was just the book to read. This is a clean romance that still has some heated passion. This story is loaded with humour. It makes for a quick light read. The humour is most prevalent in the banter between the characters, most notably between the McCall brothers. I love how they are all quite different, yet are still very close. The family dynamic is quite realistic, while being slightly more interesting and amusing than the average family. Overall, I enjoyed this story as […]