Aug 262013
Review: Special Offers

This was a fun and humourous story. The humour often runs to sarcasm and one-liners, which kept with the light mood. The cover looks YA, but this is definitely an adult romance. It was almost a clean story, except there is one scene that is decidely not clean. The rest of the story is so light and clean feeling, that I wish the romance was too. The ending had a good conclusion, and a good opening for the next book in the series. My exact thought at the last scene was “ooh, that can’t be good”. Overall, this was a […]

Aug 222013
Character interview: Sebastian from Special Offers

As part of the blog tour for Special Offers, I have author ML Ryan here today with a special interview with one of the characters. This is the perfect way to learn a little bit about the characters and the story, and will be enjoyable to both readers who have finished the story, and those who haven’t started yet. Hello! Today I am pleased to interview Sebastian Kess. Sebastian is a magical humanoid from the parallel dimension of Coursodon and has recently been restored to his own body after being trapped in a Kindle. What an interesting story. So, Mr. […]