Sep 252015
Review: Crash

I’m so conflicted. There were elements that I both really loved, and really disliked about this book. I love Jules’ family. The focus of the book wasn’t on them, but that was one of the beautiful things. Jules and her siblings are super tight, with great relationships with each other. Her twin brother is gay, and is open about it. I love that this is just part of the background of the story. This happens so rarely in books, so it is definitely something to celebrate. Also worth celebrating is the inclusion on mental health issues in the form of […]

Apr 212014
Review: Wake

This book was all about secrets: keeping and revealing them. Who knows them, who can be trusted with them, what do you do with them. It was an intriguing story, and while the romance was sweet and clean, and very cute to read, I kept going back to the secrets. Not all the secrets are revealed in this first book. We got very little explanation of Janie’s condition, which was a bit annoying. I wanted to learn more about how she got it, and how it works, and just more in general. Hopefully this comes later in the series. My […]