May 092013
Review: The Twelve

After loving the first book, I was very excited and nervous about this second book. I really wanted this book to match the excitement and thrill of the first, and was worried that it would suffer the dreaded 2nd book curse. Happily, this book was a great addition to the series. The book started with a story from the beginning of the plague that was parallel to the first book. It eventually caught up to ending of the first book and went on from there. The timeline was a bit confusing at times as I tried to match the events […]

Mar 152013
Review: The Passage

This book was very intimidating in length, and yet once I started reading, I flew through it. A psychological horror story about an experiment that went horrible wrong with earth shattering consequences, this is a book that is not easy to forget. And since the monsters in the book come out at night, it is a book that easily disrupts your sleep, both from fear of what is in the dark and from a desire to know what happens next. The story felt like it was split into 4 parts: Before, Walter & Amy, The Colony and The Journey. Each […]