Nov 102015
Review: Deadly Spells

This story was a fun adventure. It felt like it focused more on series and character development than on a stand alone story, but since this the point in the series where most people commit or leave the series, it felt appropriate. There is a main story plot, with a magical black panther assassin running around killing people and trying to start a coven war. It makes for a politically charged atmosphere, but one that Kate seems almost comfortable negotiating. She certainly seems more at home with this type of violence than with the issues she has with her rebelling […]

Sep 222014
Review: Cursed Moon

This was a very dark and gritty urban fantasy story. With the main characters trying to stop a rape bomb, this story features quite a few elements that a lot of readers will not enjoy. If you can get past the unpleasant elements, the character develop does advance the series arch enough to make the story worthwhile. Kate spends a lot of the book dealing (or not dealing) with the events that happened in the first book. Her continual internal debate is both nice to see and annoying. It’s nice in that she’s not the typical overly confident and competent […]

Aug 052014
Review: Dirty Magic

This is a fun and exciting start to a new urban fantasy series. Kate’s a cop with a bad past who just wants to make a difference in the world today, while keeping her little brother safe and out of trouble. She’s feisty, and fights her way onto a task force aimed at taking down a new drug on the streets. I found the idea of the magical elements, the magic working and dirty versus clean potions to be very intriguing and new. I had a little trouble wrapping my head around the magic portion of the potion making, but […]