Oct 242014
Review: The Eye of Zoltar

Before I wrote this review, I looked up what I said for book #2 in the series, and realized most of my thoughts for this book are the same. This is a super fun, very entertaining read. Picking up not long after the end of book 2, this story sees Jennifer headed to another country on a quest, but don’t call it a quest because that would involve paperwork. She’s accompanied by an eclectic cast of characters, which shrinks and grows as the story progresses. She encounters one adventure after another, each one stranger and more entertaining than the last. […]

Nov 262012
Review: The Song of the Quarkbeast

This was a pure entertainment read. Jasper Fforde’s novels are highly imaginative, full of humourous “don’t take me serious” magical adventures. This is the type of book you devour quickly, without paying attention to the review you plan to write. This series is fun, and yet has very involved plots and themes regarding the evils of greed, and the power of teamwork. This story focused on teamwork and resourcefulness. There was certainly magic and adventure, but it was less present than in the first book. The Quarkbeast was back, albeit in a less visible although still very important way. I […]

Sep 212012
Review: The Last Dragonslayer

This was a fun and quirky book. It reminded me of Jasper’s book Shades of Grey in a great way. Both books are innovative with intricate and imaginative worlds. Jennifer is a fun character. She’s honest and trustworthy and wants to do the right thing. The secondary characters are varied and unique. Each person has their own personality that stands out and makes them come alive. This book has a subtle theme about the power of emotion. They are cleverly woven into the story and only became apparent near the end. It generated a great statement of how greed is […]