Feb 022015
Review: Edged Blade

One of the things I worry about when I read a series is what if I don’t love the next book? This is especially true in cases where I love the first few books, because then I start to develop a connection, and want to really love each book. This book is one of those instances where I’m fairly torn as I liked the book, but didn’t love it. The last book had me a little wishy-washy too, but it did recover nicely. This book did start to recover and pick up in the later half, but the for the […]

Mar 042014
Review: Broken Blade

After loving the last book so much, I couldn’t wait to get into this one. Unfortunately, it was a lot more impactful to watch Kit be destroyed than it is to watch her slowly recover. The progress of her recovery is realistically slow, and everyone around her is helpful and patient, while also pushing her gently. It is meaningful, but it does result in a slower book. I did enjoy the story, and I like that Justin and Doyle had such strong roles. Doyle still remains my favourite character, and the reveals at the end are heartbreaking, and oh so […]

Jan 292014

Oh god, the feels! This got me right in the feels! It hurts so good! If you can’t guess, I loved this book. It was very exciting, and the ending was just killer. Poor Kit. I just wanted to cry for her. She’s such a strong character and has been through so much, that the ending (actually the last third) is just totally unfair and painful. Someone needs to hurt for it. While I loved Damon in the first book, I must say that I didn’t care for him as much in this book. He was too overly alpha and […]