Apr 062015
Review: Magic Bleeds

Is this really only book 4 of the series? There is so much that happens in this book, that I just can’t see how much further it can go. I did enjoy the adventure this book took me on though. There is a lot of Kate’s history and family explained in this book, and it really made me feel like I could understand Kate. It never felt info-dumpy, just like a story within a story. Kate and Curran’s relationship is hella crazy, as usual. It has so many ups and downs, and I’m still in disbelief over everything that happens […]

Jan 272015
Review: Magic Strikes

Oh my gosh, this book was made of awesome! There was so much humour, and emotion, and action, and just everything. I feel like just flailing and screaming keywords from the best parts, in true fangirl fashion. PIE! HOT TUB! Derek! How could they?! Picking up Julie! CURRAN! CURRAN! CURRAN! I can’t stop. It was all just so good. And so hard to talk about anything without spoilers. There was so much series development, and yet also a fully formed single book plot. This is definitely the best of the series so far, and one that makes me want to […]

May 132014
Review: Magic Burns

I really loved the first book in this series, and was really disappointed in this second book. I was tempted to just give up several times because the story was not keeping my attention. I think my main issue with the story was how removed Kate felt from the action. It seemed like every time something was happening, Kate was watching from the sidelines and remarking on the action. I know she was in on it sometimes, but it just didn’t feel like it. In the first book, I really enjoyed both Derek and Curran’s characters. Neither one was very […]

Nov 012012
Review: Magic Bites

This was a book full of action and unforgetable characters. A great start to the series, I finished the book wanting to get to know more about Curran, go on more adventures with Kate, and hear what trouble Derek gets into next. Kate was a flawed, yet likable character. She has a snarky attitude that fits the urban fantasy genre very well. She is reluctant to accept help from anyone, even though she seems to have a tendency to get in over her head. Curran is hot stuff. He makes a good hero and counterpart to Kate, being powerful, sexy, […]