Apr 102014
Review: Shift

Similar to the first book in the Wool series, this book is comprised of multiple short stories that make up a longer one. In this book, each of the short stories is closely linked, following the same narrator through different points in time. This book takes place before the first Wool book and tells the story of the origin of the silos. It’s a scary, realistic story that has a distinct possibility of coming true. This realism adds an element of horror as it shows exactly what modern people are capable of, and it’s not pretty. While this was an […]

Oct 162013
Review: Wool

I find it so hard to review books that I loved, especially long books. This is no exception. I loved this dystopian story. It reminded me strongly of The Passage, which I also loved. This was first written as 5 short stories, that have now been combined into one large novel. This structure means that the story regularly goes up and down in intensity. This structure really keeps the reader engaged since there is very little filler or lulls in the story. This structure, as well as the length, means that the focus of the story is able to shift […]