Apr 222014
Review: Suddenly a Spy

Sometimes you just need a fluff read. This book fits that bill. It’s a classic romance action story with a lot of entertaining humour. The humour was the highlight of the story for me. There was witty banter, silly jokes, and Jeff’s antics were very amusing. I spent most of the book with a grin on my face because it was down right amusing. The actual story was a bit too over-the-top unrealistic for me. Ronnie went from an average office worker to super spy in just a few glossed over months. Her reasonable reaction of anger at learning her […]

Oct 282013
Review: Throwaway

This was a fun and clean romance featuring an unapologetic prostitute. Jessie has a great sassy attitude, and is not shamed about what her life is like now, or in her past. This mindset leads to a very unique twist on a standard romance story. The first half of the story really plays on the uniqueness of the story, and I loved it. Unfortunately, the second half of the story falls into standard romance territory. The finale is good, but doesn’t redeem the later half. Overall, this was a good romance story that started off with a unique heroine, but […]