Jan 262015
Review: Pacific Fire

I really liked this book. It takes place 10 years after the first one, and focuses on a different character, but the overall feel was much the same, and was very inventive. Sam is a character I found super easy to like and root for. He’s a golem, but seems very human. I was surprised at how much like a normal teenager he seemed, except he’s been extremely isolated (not uneducated or naive though) and knows he is considered a very expensive prize. Even knowing this though, he still has a good heart and great intentions, and follows his own […]

Jun 112014
Review: California Bones

This was a magic ladened story set in an alternate history California. The plot revolves around Daniel and his friends attempting the biggest and mostly deadly heist imaginable: stealing an osteomancy treasure from the ruler. The story is intriguing, amusing, and slightly confusing at times. I had a bit of trouble understanding osteomancy and the rules and behaviours it includes. It is explained, and I did understand by the end of book, but it took a bit of work. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it was unique and complex, but this isn’t the type of book you can […]