Aug 122013
Review: No Hope for Gomez!

This is a dry humour story told in a unique format. Presented as a series of blog posts and blog notes, the story is presented in little snippets with some small time lapses between entries. I liked this style as it was original, and yet, as a blogger, the format and thought process behind it is familiar. Gomez is a bit of an odd duck. He is the owner of an antique shop, yet knows nothing about antiques. He seems to have no friends except for his mentally handicapped assistant and artistic neighbour. He is an experimental drug trial participant, […]

Apr 182013
Interview: Graham Parke

Today I have the humourous Graham Parke, author of No Hope for Gomez, here to answer a few questions about writing and reviews. Scroll all the way to the bottom to view a special free sequel offer. What inspired you to become a writer? I guess like many authors I just found the act of writing books and stories so much easier than that of not writing them. They basically need to come out and it is much less painful when you let them. I don’t think many people sit down to make a career choice and come up with […]