Sep 212015
Review: Thirty Days of Red

This was a huge disappointment. I picked it up because there were comparisons to Gone Girl, which is an amazing book. This book has very little in common. Everything felt rushed and forced, and there were several character actions and thoughts that just made absolutely no sense. Pretty much the entire book could have been avoided if Liv had acted like an adult instead of a temper tantrum throwing child. It was just a huge waste. I just can’t understand or condone her actions or thoughts.

Feb 252013
Review: The Assignment

This was a mystery romance that was all about love and survival. While it focused mainly on the present day investigation, there were flashbacks to Marina’s life growing up. What really stood out was the author’s passion about the Philippines. The people, history and culture were shown with utmost respect and love. Even more than the actual storyline, the setting was the star of the book. I loved the mystery element to Sophie’s investigation and how she set out to learn about Marina without actually speaking to her. I was amazed at how much she learned this way. It highlighted […]