Jul 212014
Review: Gravely Inanimated

Wishy-washy, woe-is-me female characters annoy me, and unfortunately I just couldn’t take the main character in this book. Lucy seems to lament the fact that she’s single one minute, and then suddenly she’s met 2 men and is worried that she’s leading them on by not making a decision between the two. This change happens within days, after meeting one of the men only once. It just made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt. I made it a third of the way through the book, but it didn’t feel like much action was happening, and what little action […]

Sep 192013
Cover interview: Esther Wheelmaker

What was your intention for the cover? I wanted to make a cover that would define the book itself. Putting it in the graveyard (which was so much fun) really brought out the concept of death (if the title wasn’t clear enough already lol). However, I also wanted to add the strong female lead, that way I could show the concept of steampunk that is also a big part of the book. The right clothing (that I got from Steampunk Works) really showed the genre in that way. How did you create the cover? I had to find a graveyard […]