Apr 202015
Review: The Lair

Ugh. Just ugh. Where I loved the first book in this series due to its portrayal of an autistic character, this book read like a cliched teenaged angtsy relationship. It felt like all Lily and Carter did was whine about their relationship. How loving each other put them both at risk. How they couldn’t act responsibly or logically if they were near each other. And yet neither wanted to be apart. It was just all so overblown. I was most disappointed in the developments of Mel’s character. Being turned into a vampire “cured” her autism, and I found it almost […]

May 062013
Review: The Farm

This was an action packed story that still managed to have time for a sweet YA romance. The story is told from alternating viewpoints of Lily, Mel and Carter. The story mostly belongs to Lily, and this is very apparent from the way the viewpoints are used. Carter’s chapters are told in third person while the girls’ are in first person. Mel’s chapters are always less than two pages long, with the extent of her autism affecting every word. The only chapters that cover everything are Lily’s. Overall, the story is quite satisfying and engaging. The twist is fairly easy […]