Nov 102014
Review: Daring

I’m not really sure how I feel about this addition to the series. I loved the first book completely, but this one is so different, it almost feels like it belongs to another series. The story is still told from John’s point of view, and he’s still a snarky sarcastic werewolf former-Knight, but that’s pretty much all this book has in common with the first. There is a whole new set of characters, and John spends most of the book dealing with werewolves, and in particular, his own werewolf. I think this werewolf focus may be the source as my […]

Sep 232013
Review: Charming

Commence fangirling in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Awesomely terrific. This book had everything I love in an adult paranormal story. A hot main character who is snarky and sarcastic and oh so amusing. Lots of action. A lusty attraction that manages to stay clean, even while being very passionate. Did I mention the snarky sarcasm? This story set up an incredibly detailed, and believable, backstory about why paranormal creatures can be around in the modern world without being detected. The Pax Arcana is a detailed set of rules and magic that makes most humans unaware of the paranormal. It’s […]