Oct 162014
Review: Eastern Standard Tribe

While I found this first part of the story confusing because I really didn’t understand the tribe set up, the more of the book I read, the more I enjoyed it. The tribe set up is explained about halfway through, and it made a lot of sense. It would have been better if that explanation occurred earlier in the book, but the story wasn’t really about the time zone tribes. It was more about Art and mental health. One thing I really like about Doctorow books is that you can either read and enjoy the story at a shallow level, […]

May 072014
Review: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

This book felt a little bit like fluff science fiction. Unlike most Doctorow books, this one isn’t filled with heavy themes or messages. It’s light and easy to digest, and yet, there was something about it that I found a little depressing. On the surface, this seems like a light-hearted book. There is no longer death as people are “rebooted” to a clone body with their minds intact. As a consequence, death and murder and other crimes aren’t really a concern. Plus, the story takes place in Disney World, the ultimate happy place. And yet, I found this book lowered […]

Mar 252013
Review: Pirate Cinema

This was an issue book that took on copyright laws and homelessness, yet still managed to be an entertaining story. Set in London, the British slang and vocals were easy to follow, yet demanded to be read in an accent. This lent a slightly different feel to the story, although I couldn’t quite tell if it felt more or less formal than most American-based novels. It definitely felt different. The copyright fight is a very current cause of concern with internet usage being so prevalent. It isn’t difficult to imagine copyright laws escalating to match the scenarios in the story […]

Mar 252013
Martin Reviews: Homeland

If you don’t know who Cory Doctorow is by now, you probably are not an EFF-supporting, darknet-implementing, singularity-pushing, Creative Commons-loving, hackerspace-using, library-revering, left-leaning geek. And that is fine. But if Doctorow could have his way, he would welcome you into the club with open arms. In fact, that is what his latest YA book, Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother(2007), is all about. It is a call to youth to take charge of their electronic lives (and their lives in general) and to fight for an open and transparent government and a society that defends human rights. Although this book […]