Feb 242015
Review: The Life I Left Behind

This was a difficult book to read, mostly due to the overwhelmingly depressing feel of Melody’s narration. Her constant sorrow, terror and depression come through so strongly that it’s hard not to feel those emotions pulling at you. It’s not really a bad thing because that is a good sign of excellent writing, but it does still make the book a more difficult read. Melody’s narration is interspersed with Eve’s narration, which has a much lighter feel, even though Eve is dead and Melody is still alive. Eve’s voice is solemn, but it has a “moved beyond pain” feel that […]

Feb 262014
Review: Precious Thing

This was a chilling psychological thriller that was written in a letter format from one character to another. This first person narration was intriguing, and lent a definite bias to the story. Told strictly from Rachel’s point of view, it’s interesting that her narration seemed to sometimes contradict the actions she was describing. It shone just as much light on Rachel’s character as it did everyone else, and left me with a disturbing feel that this is a prime example of an unreliable narrator. The story is about Rachel and Clara’s friendship, and the secrets contained between and from each […]