Dec 052012
Review: Second Chance Grill

This book needs to come with a big warning label: “Caution! You will bawl your eyes out! And swoon over the sweetness!” I did both. Not at the same time, but there is definitely a huge amount of emotion within the story, moving from sad to funny to sexy, over and over. This is the type of book you read in private, unless you want people to ask why you are crying, or why you are smiling and blushing. There is a lot more sadness than I expected, with death, abandonment, illness, self-doubt, and guilt all making appearances. Yet it […]

Sep 172012
Review: The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge

This was a child abuse story that was sad, frustrating and infuriating. The fact that part of it is told from Emma, the victim’s, point-of-view makes it seem even worse. There is nothing graphic, but the implications of what is happening are horrorific. Reading it, it’s hard to imagine there will be a happy ending for everyone, but I can assure you that the ending is satisfying. This story is just as much about Troy and Ouriana’s relationship, which is just as frustrating as the rest of the plot. I was a bit confused as there seems to be little […]