Jul 072015
Review: Those Girls

These girls are seriously cursed. And this book is seriously awesome, in a totally scary, uncomfortable, left me bawling on the ferry in public, kind of way. Do I need to back up here a bit? No way. I read this as quick as I could because it was entirely captivating and thrilling, but I don’t really want to relive it. Why? Because those girls went through hell, and I have no wish to go through it with them again. If anything could go wrong, it did. Think of your worst nightmare, and then double it. *shudder* I’ll never look […]

Jun 182014
Review: That Night

Oh my goodness, this was an amazing book. It was such a powerful read. The narrative was split between the current story, which starts as Tori leaves jail on parole, and the past history of what happened, told through a series of flashbacks. It sounds a bit confusing, but it wasn’t. It was easy to follow, and even easier to get addicted to. I was delighted at the Canadian setting. Not just that it was Canadian, but the book is set in the town that I live in, which is crazy. I don’t live in a metropolis either, I live […]